How Homeopathy Works

Homeopathy looks to improve the wellbeing of a person as a whole. This takes into account all mental, emotional and physical aspects of a person. During your consultation you may be asked some unusual questions such as what kinds of food you love or hate. If you always feel hot most of the time and always need to have fresh air in the room or you feel the cold and love being warm. This is so that the remedy chosen for you reflects you as an individual. To be treated homeopathically, the symptoms your body is showing will be taken into account. We are all individuals and therefore react differently to what life throws our way. Homeopathic treatment is therefore tailored to each individual.

As I am currently a student of homeopathy, I am very keen to do my best to give you the time to talk through all the issues affecting you. As such I realise the importance of keeping everything you say to me confidential and would like to assure you that part of the ethical guidelines of the society of homeopaths is to respect patient confidentiality. I will however discuss your case with my supervisor who is an experienced and qualified homeopath. Please be assured that my supervisor too is bound to keep patient confidentiality. Homeopathic treatment rarely has any side effects and works by stimulating the body to heal itself. It is an extremely gentle form of medicine. If issues you have are long standing, it may take some time for the body to show signs of improvement.