About Hummingbird Homeopathy

My name is Ramola Mansell, I am a second year Homeopathy student at the Centre for Homeopathic Education. I am registered with the Association of Registered Homeopaths and fully insured.

My interest in homeopathy began at an early age. I was born and raised in Sri Lanka where homeopathy is popular and it’s use is an everyday part of life. My family were also personal friends with Alfred Vogel, a revered naturopath. My mother and I even appeared in advertisements for his coffee substitute product called “Bambu” in the 1960’s.

Whilst my career was in the finance industry, I started to look in to homeopathy more seriously when my husband contracted cancer in 2002. The side effects of his Chemotherapy and radiotherapy left him weak and homeopathic remedies would support his energy levels and quality of life.

As a student of homeopathy I have already seen how quick and effective it’s remedies can be, even for persons who may have suffered with a condition for decades, homeopathic remedies are able to provide relief without the negative effects traditional medicine can often cause. I am currently offering reduced price consultations to gain experience during my studies. All cases I handle will be referred to my supervisor who is a fully qualified homeopath, so the remedies recommended will be coming from a qualified, experienced practitioner.