Also Known As:



  • Heart Tonic
  • High or low blood pressure
  • Angina


Hawthorn is a small spiny tree or shrub which is native to Europe. It is often seen growing in hedges.
Hawthorn berries have been used by Phytotherapists as a heart tonic for many years.

How It Works

Crataegus is perhaps one of the most widely used herbs for the heart. The precise mode of action is still unclear - although we do know that the plant does not contain digitalis-like compounds
Flavonoids found in Crataegus have been found to improve the circulation of the heart and, to a lesser extent, the circulation of other parts of the body.
Glycosides present are believed to increase the tone of heart muscle, improving the force contraction whilst reducing the rate of contraction - in short, making the heart work more effectively.

Additional suggestion:

Inform your Doctor if you are using Crataegus in addition to any other prescribed medication for the heart.