Also Known As:

Siberian Ginseng


  • Physical or mental stress
  • Fatigue/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Eleutherococcus is native to Eastern Asia and particularly Siberia.

How It Works

The root of this herb is an example of an adaptogen - a substance which enables the body's metabolism to adapt and cope with unfavourable conditions such as physical and psychological stress, infections and environmental pollutants.

Additional suggestion:

Not to be taken by diabetics, epileptics or schitzophrenics, or those on blood pressure or heart medication, or hormone treatments such as HRT or oral contraceptives. It should not be taken together with stimulants such as caffeine. Take it at a different time of day to vitamin B and C supplements, as it speeds up their secretion.
In long term treatment it is recommended that a one month break is taken after three months.