Also Known As:

Semen linum


  • Constipation


Linseed is the seed from the plant known as Common Flax. In the past, flax played a very important part in the economy and culture of communities in which it was grown.

How It Works

It is the action of its mucilage which endows Linseed with a unique property. In the presence of water, mucilage has the ability to swell, increasing its volume considerably. This bulking ability can be extremely beneficial to the digestive tract when bowel action is slow or lazy. The bulking action relies on water, and hence Linseed should be taken with plenty of fluid. The oils present in Linseed also have a lubricant effect, supporting the bulking action of mucilage.

Additional suggestion:

It is not advisable to use laxatives on a long term basis without the advice of a Healthcare Professional.