Milk Thistle

Also Known As:

Silybum Marianum


  • Liver Tonic
  • Detox eg. hangovers
  • Fat metabolism
  • Psoriasis


Milk thistle is a large plant with glossy, green, spiky leaves bearing conspicuous white veins. The flowers are large and purple. Milk Thistle seeds have a long history of medicinal use. It was previously used for its bitter properties, but more recently it has been recognised as an excellent remedy for liver complaints.

How It Works

The main constituent of Milk Thistle appears to be the substance known as silymarin. This has the unique function of being able to act directly on the cells of the liver, producing a liver protective effect.
Silymarin is able to prevent liver cell damage, through stimulating the function and regeneration of liver cells. All these factors are important in overall health, with the liver acting as the most important avenue for the elimination of toxins found within the body.

Additional suggestion:

Medical opinion should be sought when acute or chronic liver conditions are present.