• Cold Sores


Bees mix plant exudates with beeswax to make propolis, a paste that can be smoothed over the inside of the hive. Propolis makes the hive more secure and simultaneously provides an antiseptic coating, reducing the growth of bacteria, viruses and moulds inside the hive. Mankind has adapted this useful material to his own medical needs.

How It Works

Propolis is rich in Amino acids, trace elements and flavonoids, which work synergistically to provide the antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-fungal effect.
Propolis inactivates the Herpes Simplex virus which is responsible for cold sores, stopping it from replicating and at the same time reducing the likelihood of bacterial infection around the site of the cold sore. Its local anaesthetic action means the cold sore will be less painful, and studies have shown that healing time can be cut by as much as 50%.
Propolis can also relieve symptoms even when applied after the tingle stage.

Additional suggestion:

Do not use if allergic to bee products. Recurrent cold sores may indicate a compromised immune function and should be referred to a Healthcare Professional.