About Homeopathy

How Can Homeopathy Help Me?

Your body is an intelligent organism with an incredible immune system, which gives the body the ability to heal itself. However, sometimes your immune system needs some very gentle reminders.

Homeopathy is a process that stimulates the body to heal itself by looking at what is affecting an individual. The symptoms thrown out by the body give us clues as to what it needs. Each individual expresses these needs differently. The job of a homeopath is to ascertain the individual’s symptoms and match the remedy to the specific needs of the person.

All the organs of the body work as a team. Therefore when one organ is affected, other parts of the body will sympathise and throw out symptoms too. As homeopathy is a holistic form of medicine all symptoms will be analysed and the whole of the person will be treated.

This would involve how you feel mentally, emotionally and physically. Quite often our mental health affects our physical health and our vulnerability to disease.

The basis for Homeopathic treatment is that “like cures like”. For example drinking coffee would keep you awake. However if you are suffering with insomnia a homeopathically prepared remedy made from coffee may help to alleviate this problem. The remedies correctly prescribed by a homeopath are very gentle, non toxic, non addictive and will not cause side effects.

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